Newsletter | Issue One


The Dalmor Medical Administration Training Institute is growing from strength to strength. We pride ourselves on providing courses that are tropical and relevant to all healthcare practitioners and any non-medical person interested in pursuing a career in healthcare services in both the private and public sector. Over the past 3 months we have trained over 75 staff members in Private Medical Practice’s on the specialised field of Medical Practice Management. Our Medical Debt Collections Course has proven to be extremely worthwhile in both the private and public health care sector with over 100 people attending our courses to learn the art of remaining on top of all outstanding accounts by developing appropriate collections strategies from the moment a practitioner engages with a patient.


The Right of Access to Healthcare - What Happens in Emergency Situations?


To answer this question, a distinction needs to be made between public health care facilities and private health care services.

Section 27 of the Constitution provides for certain socio-economic rights. The right of access to health care is one of these socio-economic rights and this particular right must be seen in light of the resources available at the time the right is being enforced. The Constitution provides for “access” to health care services and not “a right to health care”, therefore the right of access to health care does not rule out the need to pay for such services. Had the right been drafted with the intention to preclude payment for services, the right would be a direct “right to health care”.

It is important to note that in an emergency situation, where an immediate intervention is necessary, no person may be refused medical treatment. This extends to private healthcare facilities or hospitals. The patient needs to be stabilized and then referred to an appropriate public health care facility.

If a hospital refuses to treat a patient, a patient can report this to the Department of Health or the Public Protector. The High Court can review and set aside (or cancel) the decision of the hospital to refuse to treat the patient.


New Courses on Offer
General Dental Practitioner Coding and Practice Management


This course is designed for Medical Practice Managers, Accounts Staff and Receptionists.

Accurate coding in Dental Practices is fundamental. We provide a detailed look at all aspects of Dental Coding and provide your staff with the knowledge required to understand effective billing processes.


Module 1: General Administration in your Practice

Module 2: Understanding a Dental Practice

Module 3: Explanations

Module 4: Guidelines to Medical Schemes

Module 5: Diagnostic Services

Module 6: ICD'10 Code

Module 7: Payments