Month-End Procedure Workshop


Closing your month-end can be a scary experience if you do not know how to correctly compile your age analysis and reports.



    1. Reporting: How to prepare your reports

    - Age Analysis

    - Receipts

    - Transaction Audit Trail Ledgers

    2. Balancing Month-End

    - The difference between 'Date of Service' and 'Date Posted'

    - Why should you complete your month-end on 'Date Posted'

    - How to balance your month-end with your providers bank statement

    - Guidelines for non-balancing month-ends

    -The effect of Journals on your month-end

    -The importance of keeping track of Journals

    3. Record Closing

    - How record closing affects your practice

Course Cost: R1200 (excluding VAT)
Course Duration: 9am - 12:30pm