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Newsletter | Issue One

The Dalmor Medical Administration Training Institute is growing from strength to strength. We pride ourselves on providing courses that are tropical and relevant to all healthcare practitioners and any non-medical person interested in pursuing a career in healthcare services in both the private and public sector.

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Newsletter | Issue Two

Introducing CPD online...

All healthcare practitioners have a responsibility to update their professional knowledge and skills for the benefit of their patients. The Health Professions Council of SA requires every practitioner to accumulate 30 CEU's (Continuing Education Units) per 12 month period. At least 5 of these points need to be for Ethics.

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5 Tips on how to manage time effectively as a Practice Manager

1. Make a list of the tasks you need to accomplish: Before you can manage your time, you need to know what it is that you need to manage. A list of tasks, from the mundane is critical, this will help you get a handle on what needs to get done. Make one of your final daily tasks the completion of tomorrow's task list. Each day should be ended with a new task sheet for tomorrow to keep you on track.

2. Balance your effort: Identify which tasks are most important and try to deal with those first. A reception area is always busy and new tasks come about on an ongoing basis, keep track of all the tasks you need to complete and identify which tasks need to be completed throughout the day. A good idea is to map out your day and allocate certain hours to particular tasks.

3. Manage time in increments: Give yourself a time goal to complete a portion of a task or the entire task.

4. Keep track of your progress: Cross things off the list as they are completed. You will feel more relieved and relaxed just by getting through the daily tasks. Not only will you be getting things done, finishing tasks will give you a sense of accomplishment and spur motivation.

5. Reassess the list: Add new tasks to the list. This should be done on a daily basis, especially when you are jusy getting started with a time management regimen.


**Remember: You can earn 12 Ethics Points for attending our Practice Management Course if you are a Healthcare Practitioner**

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Newsletter | Issue Three

Waiting extended periods for accounts to be settled and dealing with patients who pay late is an unfortunate part of running a medical practice. Having a good system in place to help manage this is possible and with the right policies in place to deal with these issues will improve your cash flow and your practice will be able to grow in size and profitability.

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NHI - what are your thoughts?

South Africans should be outraged and incensed that the government is seeking to nationalise medical care. The proposals in the National Health Insurance (NHI) White Paper, if adopted, would prove to be an unmitigated disaster, not only for healthcare in SA, but also for the economy in general.

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Understanding the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act

While the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act does not replace the HPCSA's existing guidelines on safeguarding confidential patient data, POPI does affect all private and public organisations that process information such as names, addresses, email addresses, health information and employment history.

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What are PMB's?

PMBs are a set of defined benefits which ensure that all medical scheme members have access to certain minimum health services, regardless of the benefit option they have selected. By law, Medical schemes are required to pay the costs of PMBs obtained by a member from specified providers in full.

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